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Rachel 21st Sep 2020 Activities Coordinator

6 Fun & Easy Dice Games for the Elderly

These are great, thank you. We have done the cover the numbers and different variations of the draw a beetle game. in addition to these we have played "color by numbers" using a large floor dice, i give them a choice of pictures i have copied out of a coloring book, which i have numbered sections of picture 1-6 they then get to roll the dice one at a time, they pick a color for that number start coloring while i go round room, keep on rolling until they roll all six numbers and have chosen all their six colors, worked really well and finish with very colorful pictures, even residents who always say they can't color and don't join in with craft sessions joined in and really enjoyed it, does take a long time as same numbers come up but that gives them time to finish coloring the previous number.
Rachel 10th May 2019 Activities Coordinator

Paper Planes Reminiscing Game

I like this game but we call it Around the world on a paper plane, as we throw them around the room next person to pick it up writes a name of a destination we do this a few times then gather all the planes up and its interesting to see how many places that one plane travels too, good fun.
Rachel 10th May 2019 Activities Coordinator


Fantastic website, has helped me so much with my new job, such great ideas well done keep them coming : )
Rachel 10th May 2019 Activities Coordinator


I had same problem, so came up with different version called it 'The full monty' (bit cheeky) use cardboard cut out of man hands covering his modesty, then layer him with cut out clothing ie; pants, vest, trousers, shirt, tie, boots, jacket, hat, glasses whatever extra slowly removing items of clothing with each wrong guess, causes a few giggles !! i'm sure they get it wrong on purpose :)