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Judy 15th Jan 2020 Speech Language Pathologist

Create your own Word Search!

Thanks Susan for your help. I think you mean that I print the blank grid, fill in the words by hand, add my list by hand, etc. Is that what you mean? Thanks
Judy 14th Jan 2020 Speech Language Pathologist

Create your own Word Search!

I think it is awesome that you have a Create My Own Word Search! My mother-in-law needs the simpler format as the easy one that you have provided. I really like the choices that you provide such as words only forward. My mother-in-law does better if the words to be searched are listed in two columns (DOWN, ACROSS.) So, I have a question: Is there a way that I can make the list of the words in two columns, one for DOWN and one for ACROSS? The other thing I noticed that when I searched for my words I used a green pen for the words that were DOWN and a red pen for words that were ACROSS. So my second question is there a way that I can add color to the words list? Thanks so much!
Judy 14th Jan 2020 Speech Language Pathologist

Find the Hidden Objects - Farmyard

I like these Find the Hidden Objects pictures! Unfortunately the pictures that are more hidden from view are too difficult for my mother-in-law with how form of dementia is progressing at this time. I hope to use it in the future for other folks. Thanks.
Judy 20th Nov 2019 Speech Language Pathologist

15 Activities for Late-Stage Alzheimer's Disease

Lots of great ideas to use! I like Susan's idea of singing a song and the phrase 'after while crocodile'! I am trying to utilize ideas, at this time, with my mother-in-law who has dementia. I am not sure which stage she is in at this time but she is definitely moving to another stage. Do you have activities lists for the other stages of dementia? I would love to see them too.
Judy 12th Sep 2019 Speech Language Pathologist

Who's Who in the Photo

I really like this idea! I think I will turn pictures into cards and laminate them and perhaps add some information on the back of the photos. Thanks for this idea!