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Colby 25th Jun 2019 Activity Aid

How to Plan Age Appropriate Activities for Seniors

I definitely have to say thank you so much for the encouraging words, I spent my whole day off yesterday printing pages and making a binder organized for me to be the best at my job from this website.
My boss is super nice and friendly but with my anxiety I just wish I wasn’t thrown into doing activities without proper training and explanations which I’ve explained to him he said when he hires more staff that will happen and I accepted that until then I work with my best abilities.
I definitely am going to take the advice of a daily meeting. But I have been texting him and he doesn’t seem to mind it at all
which has helped with any questions I have.
I am so grateful for him to take a chance with me as I do love this career.
Thank you so much for the responses i definitely do feel I have a better grasp on the term age appropriate then I did before and I love the encouragement! Thank you so much!
Colby 25th Jun 2019 Activity Aid

How to Plan Age Appropriate Activities for Seniors

That means a lot to hear that. thank you!
Colby 22nd Jun 2019 Activity Aid

Planning a Movie Night for the Elderly

Is Pixar movies ok for skilled residents? Like finding memo, monsters inc, etc.
Colby 20th Jun 2019 Activity Aid

How to Plan Age Appropriate Activities for Seniors

Hi I am new to activities, however it is my favorite job because it doesn’t feel like work to me. I found this website to help me come up with things and understand how to run activities better.
But what confuses me the most is the term “Age Appropriate”
I put on Peter Pan (it was a movie on the shelf) for the Memory care unit patients for some reminiscing (also it’s a classic and for most of them it came out when they were kids.) as I know keeping attention is hard with movies I meant it as a background so when we played touch volley ball intending to have fun and talk about the movie as we did that, I noticed residents pointing out parts of the movie and we discussed it as I noticed them remembering things from their past and getting to know them better. My director came in and told me the movie was childish. To turn it off and put on the music channel (And yeah I was a bit offended by that because I felt he wasn’t seeing what I was) later that week I walked in on the memory care unit and saw the nurses had PBS on for the residents (the teaching shows of ABC’s and counting. And the nurses also try to help them remember how to do those things. Another couple days later I came in on my day off and my co worker put on HOOK with robin Williams for the skilled floor to watch. (And I was just so upset) how is that any different then watching the real Peter Pan? How is watching something about someone’s memory being gone and that all you need to do is believe and you’ll get it back appropriate for those who have trouble remembering the time every two minutes?
I’m not grasping what I did being wrong. I’m not grasping how putting on a movie with sex scenes and violence is age appropriate while me putting on classics and even Finding Nemo that is educational but fun, childish. My boss is to busy to explain things fully to me except tell me he’s been doing this for over 20 years. And I know when I’m in a home I would want to watch things that I liked growing up so I try and repeat every day what movies do you like? What music do you like? And I try to get to know everyone better so I can please them and if I please a resident one day with something they enjoy but not another I will come in the next day and do what I know they like. I am so sorry for the long comment but I was hoping someone can fill me in on more detail of age appropriateness. Why hook is better than Peter Pan? Why is black and white films assumed to be a good go to movie when there is so many new ones out many haven’t seen before but love (like finding Nemo) my residents enjoyed that movie and was excited to see something family friendly they’ve never seen before. I understand I’m not going to please everyone but I sure am going to try to. Thank for the time and this article but I’d like to go into more depth in the term “Age appropriate”