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Eleanor 22nd Jun 2021 Administrator

Community Scrapbook Quilt

Thank you for this fabulous idea!! Our church senior citizens lunch club were delighted with their 'community quilt'. Everyone made their own quilt piece using coloured and patterned paper (some people needed help) and we put it together to make this wonderful cross -shaped artwork.
Eleanor 3rd Nov 2020 Administrator

Spring Floral Harvest Wands or Witches Brooms

This was a great idea. We used a combination of dried flowers (lavender, wheat etc), fresh greenery (holly, heather etc) and some curly twigs to make bouquets. All tied up with colourful ribbon. We made extras to give as gifts to our volunteers.
Eleanor 19th Nov 2019 Administrator

Heart of Kindness

My group loved this activity - each person completed their piece independently using their own ideas and ability, and they were thrilled to see how the pieces fitted together to make a collaborative art work. They were all so pleased to point out which bit of the heart they’d completed.