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RAO From New South Wales, Australia

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Tara 31st Oct 2020 RAO

Australian Quiz #5

Thank you all Golden Carers Team for having such great ideas for some of us to access with a short time in hand to be able to access the site.
I am grateful and thankful once again- Tara
Tara 17th Jan 2020 RAO

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Program

Music is one of the tools I use however sometimes it is hard for me to find good exercise music. Any suggestions. I also ask one of the residents to run the exercise and I assist with anyone who needs assist.
Tara 14th Jul 2019 RAO

6 Whiteboard Games for the Elderly

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to thank you all those who they have put this site together.
It makes life easy and save's time.
It has been rough Journey to start but by god, it is the best thing that I have invested on.

Helping the elderly to have a meaningful time, a bit of laughter and a sense of achievement.

I do thank you and appreciate all you have done.