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Retired From Washington, United States

About ROCHELLE: I have been on the Board of PSCC since 2017 and have held every position. I sincerely love what I do at at the Center. I can't thank you enough for all the information that I receive from this website. It is amazing and very valuable so thank you again.

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ROCHELLE 1st Jun 2022 Retired

20 Ways to Boost Your Energy on Hard Days

I thank everyone who has contributed to this wonderful website! Over the last few months it has made my life much easier and myself feeling so much better as I age right along with everyone else.

I have made a extra special bulletin board for my seniors to help themselves with different quizzes, coloring pages, hidden objects etc. They love these and look forward to the new ones every month. The activities are amazing! Thank you all!
Rochelle 25th Jul 2019 Retired

Spring Crossword

Thank you for having this site! I love it...