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Margaret Ruby 29th Apr 2022 Activity Co.Oridinator

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Residents meetings
Margaret Ruby 28th Feb 2022 Activity Co.Oridinator


This site is the best ever place to come when you want to find idea's
Fab idea's, information, pictures and much more
thanks to you all that make this work for us
Swindon England
Margaret Ruby 16th Feb 2021 Activity Co.Oridinator

Multicultural Day - More Ideas for International Day of Peace

if you go onto google images and put in dove stencils free to print, you should find lots there
Margaret Ruby 15th Jul 2019 Activity Co.Oridinator

What line of work were they in?

This site is AMAZING, so glad I've joined it, it will help me with ideas in my job, and make the residents happier still. Thanks guys