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Jennifer 3rd Dec 2019 Life Enrichment Director


Good evening,

I need some advice on bingo. Lately, it’s gotten very competitive. A near fight broke out between an AL resident and MC resident. He accused the other of cheating, I don’t have proof, though someone witnessed something that leads her to believe he is. I shut it down as best I could, but I had one resident leave in tears because of the tension in the room. I always wanna be fair and neutral and not get involved in the drama, but their was no getting around this one.

What do you do when your residents behave this way? It’s gotten increasingly worse. Poor sportsmanship, passive aggression, and our first big outburst today.

Any advise is appreciated. Thank you. Bear in mind, the bulk of the group is MC and we have one table of AL who tend to feed into it and antagonize MC when they make mistakes, ask for repeats, need additional help, or slow down the game in any way.