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Activity Director From Saskatchewan, Canada

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Sara 16th Sep 2019 Activity Director


Karen if you want to email me also
[email protected] I am from Ireland. lived in England. and now live and work in Saskatchewan canada and work in an assisted living center. I have lots of residents who have family who came from England to make canada their home in the early 1900s.
Sara 3rd Sep 2019 Activity Director

School Days Reminiscing Cards

this was a huge hit, which surprised me as the residents did and still love any reminiscence activities so i figured it would be just the same level of enthusiasm, BUT no! they came alive so i am running with their love of chatting about school days and incorporating it into the sept bulletin board
Sara 18th Aug 2019 Activity Director

Hand Massage & Nail Care

i bought some cheap dollar store nail files, and each resident that comes to have their nails done, which i schedule for wednesday, thursday or friday afternoons, i make sure they each have their own new file and write their name on the back of it some residents like to have their own metal ones and I use theirs. I have seperate new clean towels per each resident that i take care of on the day and the carers in our center are kind enough to launder them for me. I clean out the special bowl i purchased to soak their hands in between each resident and after the whole session
Sara 15th Aug 2019 Activity Director

Cover the Number - Dice Game

thanks for this game, the residents loved it, and became very competitive towards the end, some were trying to cheat, lol but it was a huge hit.
Sara 30th Jul 2019 Activity Director


drop me an email, I have around 19 residents in an assisted living complex in saskatchewan canada, I am originally from Ireland and also lived in England and now canada has been my home for 6 years. I started working as an activity director just 3 weeks ago. But have many many years experience as a nurse. I am sure my clients would love to hear what other residents/clients like to do with their time and days.....
[email protected]