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Activity Director From Saskatchewan, Canada

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Sara 16th Jan 2020 Activity Director

Target Letter Game 3

my residents loved this one...any chance we could have some more. please....thanks
Sara 14th Nov 2019 Activity Director

Guess My Career

best game we have played so far, the residents really liked it, and also i love being able thanks to this site, providing new activities
Sara 9th Oct 2019 Activity Director


I've email about 5 from this list. did anyone receive any email from [email protected]
Sara 9th Oct 2019 Activity Director

Thanksgiving Scarecrow

going to try making these tomorrow. but I always try these things out first...this is my attempt
Sara 5th Oct 2019 Activity Director


Sara 1st Oct 2019 Activity Director


yes thanks I've searched through all the activities listed on here...we do have an exercise routine every morning as well. I am looking for adapted sports that others have used and found successful.
Sara 30th Sep 2019 Activity Director


drop me an email if you like. I an activity director of a 22 unit facility in Saskatchewan canada
[email protected]
Sara 26th Sep 2019 Activity Director


Hi there, I am looking for more physical activities to do with my residents. We have played balloon tennis, darts, all the bean bag toss games you can think of, we have a larger outdoor version home made kerplunk too, they love disc golf and ladder toss...any one have any other ideas I would be grateful for any suggestions to keep things different for them

many thanks
Sara 26th Sep 2019 Activity Director

Modified Beer Pong

i have played this and called it NO "beer" pong and i used mini bean bags in the cups, clean and no mess and on a table that they all use in the main common area. huge hit.
Sara 16th Sep 2019 Activity Director


Karen if you want to email me also
[email protected] I am from Ireland. lived in England. and now live and work in Saskatchewan canada and work in an assisted living center. I have lots of residents who have family who came from England to make canada their home in the early 1900s.