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Dawn 14th Jul 2020 Community Life Director

Chocolate Holiday Trees

We are going to do this for our Christmas in July week celebration.
Dawn 17th Mar 2020 Community Life Director


We can use our white boards for games like Yahtzee and other word games while keeping or 6” apart. I am asking families to drop off special goods like their favorite candy or photo album.

Also we are going to start using the phrase, physical distancing. The community I work with didn’t like the idea of social distancing.

Dawn 16th Mar 2020 Community Life Director


The new guild lines that are being implemented is that we will not be having activities. Now I’m thinking of ideas for those that will be lonely and scared. I have a few that will be happy with crosswords and word finds. But others that can not do those things with out my activities staff helping them. Hoping some of you are willing to share a few ideas.
Dawn 13th Mar 2020 Community Life Director



Can these dolls be cleaned easily? What is the coast? Can you give me a range so I can see if it will work for my budget?

Thank you
Dawn 12th Mar 2020 Community Life Director


Hello Golden Cares Friends. I am racking my brain to come with a vast variety of activities to put on my community calendar that won’t cross contamination each other. I have a few things that can be regularly disaffected like PVC pipe, dominoes, plastic dice. Let’s see how many ideas we can share!
Dawn 23rd Oct 2019 Community Life Director

Cheesecloth Halloween Ghosts

This is great. Thanks
Dawn 5th Oct 2019 Community Life Director


Thank you that is a great tip. I will do that.
Dawn 3rd Oct 2019 Community Life Director


I have a case of the Mean Girl syndrome. I want to/Need to turn this culture around and make more positive because we have hurt feelings for a couple of residents the have dementia. Even though someone has dementia they have feelings.

Is anyone else have helpful advice.
Thank you