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Marija 26th Aug 2019 Activities Coordinator

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Marija 15th Aug 2019 Activities Coordinator


Thank you everyone for these wonderfull ideas !! I appreciate it so much. Just a quick question for Kim: how do you find the scents, are they coming directly from the source, like the mowed grass or you can get some samples ?
Marija 10th Aug 2019 Activities Coordinator


Hi everyone. I would really use your assistance. I started working as an activity coordinator in a dementia care home and I find it really hard to get people involved in activities. They are not really used to having activities and all they want is to sit in their chair/sleep. The home is consisted of two parts, so I need to engage arround 30 people, some in later stages of dementia. What I find particulary hard is getting them involved in group activities, it is easier to do one to one visits. They generally enjoy music, listening to music and singalongs but I would like to have a bigger variety of activities. Lookin forward to your suggestions :)