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Jennifer 12th Mar 2021 Activity Director

Old Wives Tales #1 - True or False?

Are the slideshows downloadable? What if there isn't internet available in the place you want to use the slideshow?
Jennifer 19th May 2020 Activity Director


Finding quieter late afternoon programs for a group can be difficult.
Familiar sing a longs are helpful then you could switch the music to a softer tone afterwards. Keep a variety of magazines or fun fidget items about the space for those who need to keep busy.
Maybe do a group walk in the hallway after your afternoon tea to look at and discuss artwork on your walls. A little disguised exercise helps nervous energy.
Try some easy trivia mixed with stories about the trivia question. Find or make your own trivia questions about the area you live in then add some stories related to the trivia to engage them. Hopefully the residents can relate or hear something that triggers their own memories and will share. Good luck and share what you find helps.