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Judy Dwyer 10th Apr 2023 Diversional Therapist

Happy Easter Banner

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Judy Dwyer 4th Apr 2023 Diversional Therapist

"Love is Poster. "

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: "Love is Poster. "
Judy 4th Apr 2023 Diversional Therapist


Hi Michelle,

It can be difficult with residents who are in the late stages of dementia. Often these residents can not sleep at night due to their dementia, hence they often are medicated to help them settle in the end. This could be part of the reason they are often sleepy the next day. If they are awake enough they may enjoy being pushed outside into the garden ( if the recliner is on wheels and safe to push).
Judy 4th Apr 2023 Diversional Therapist


Hi Tina,

Playing music ( hits from the 50s and 60s) works for my residents if they are bright and upbeat songs. It seems to jolly them along. I also include ball catches with different types of balls for their co-ordination. I have a bigger ball that they like to throw and kick to each other. Sometimes we include a round of quoits to finish off with. All the best, Judy
Judy 4th Apr 2023 Diversional Therapist


Hi Susan
Thank you for that. How did your St Patrick's day go? How did you celebrate it with your residents at your facility?
We had a go at making the Leprechaun poster, which the residents had a lot of fun doing. On the day we had a game, throw the wheat bag on the Shamrocks ( with prizes to those who got the most points). We also played the Dvd of the Celtic Woman concert, and served drinks ( Guinness included). I have included a photo of the poster our residents made.
Judy 14th Mar 2023 Diversional Therapist

St. Patrick's Leprechaun and beer poster

Hi Everyone,
This year staff and residents are encouraged to wear green. In the unit I work we will have a variety of activities of the Irish theme, which will include a quiz, music, and trivia. I am hoping to involve staff by asking them to read out a limerick or two to the residents. Currently, the residents are working on the Leprechaun poster to have ready for Friday.
Have floated the idea with the unit staff of having a staff-shared morning tea of green-themed food. Cheers, Judy.
Judy 14th Mar 2023 Diversional Therapist


Thank you Golden carers for all the great ideas. My residents really enjoy the quizzes and some of the craft activities. They especially want "This day in history". I try to make it a morning ritual after the newspaper reading. This month there are so many great ideas for St Patrick's day, many I have printed off to use. I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy St Patrick's day. Thanks again. Judy Dwyer, Diversional Therapist, New Zealand.
Judy 28th Feb 2023 Diversional Therapist

Memory Tray Game for Teams

Hi, I have done a memory tray activity with my residents in a Dementia unit. I usually have about 10 items maximum, (everyday items). let them look at it for a reasonable amount of time. Then take it away. I ask them what they can remember from it. The resident who can tell me the most items wins. A combined effort usually gets all of the items on the tray.
Judy 12th Jan 2023 Diversional Therapist


I am going to try the chopstick activity with my residents. Getting a couple of staff who are willing to pick up items and place them on a tray. I think the residents will love it.
Thanks, Golden Carers for all the wonderful ideas.
Judy 11th Apr 2022 Diversional Therapist

15 Easter Celebration Ideas from Around the World

Hi Susan, yes it is great to involve children. We have a local daycare facility whom we like to invite in on these events. We can't at the moment due to Omicron being quite bad in the community. Instead the residents are coloring Easter pictures which we have laminated. They will also do a card for the children. I will deliver these to the teacher. The teacher has told me the children are making bookmarks and a card for our residents. Just trying to keep the relationship going because community contact is so important, especially contact with children.