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Judy 11th Apr 2022 Diversional Therapist

15 Easter Celebration Ideas from Around the World

Hi Susan, yes it is great to involve children. We have a local daycare facility whom we like to invite in on these events. We can't at the moment due to Omicron being quite bad in the community. Instead the residents are coloring Easter pictures which we have laminated. They will also do a card for the children. I will deliver these to the teacher. The teacher has told me the children are making bookmarks and a card for our residents. Just trying to keep the relationship going because community contact is so important, especially contact with children.
Judy 5th Apr 2022 Diversional Therapist

15 Easter Celebration Ideas from Around the World

Thanks Haley for your interesting article on Easter Traditions of other countries. I think the residents would really enjoy just hearing about these traditions as a type of discussion.
Judy 15th Dec 2021 Diversional Therapist

11 Things Every Activity Professional Should Have In Their Office

Some of us don't have our own office. We share the computer and work area with other staff on the unit where we work. My activity resources are kept in a hallway cupboard. It can be a challenge to keep the activity cupboard tidy. Also to have sufficient resources in it to provide a meaningful program.
Judy 13th Dec 2021 Diversional Therapist


Hi Linda, I have just been looking for some new exercises to add to my program. I am going to try your Brain exercises. It will give my residents a new challenge. Thank you so much.
Judy 13th Apr 2021 Diversional Therapist

ANZAC Day Word Search

I have been finding this site great for ideas. Really like the fabric and felt poppies craft. Am going to try with my residents. Thank you Golden carers. Judy Dwyer Diversional therapist New Zealand
Judy 21st Apr 2020 Diversional Therapist

19 Ways for Residents to Socialize in Isolation

Enjoying reading great activity ideas, especially in this time of lockdown. Some very good suggestions in the article 19 ways for residents to socialize in isolation. A big thankyou to Haley Burress for that. Stay strong you are all doing a fantastic job in this challenging time. - Judy Dwyer - NewZealand.