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Tara 25th Dec 2023 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator


I would like to wish you all at Golden Carers and very Merry Christmas and hope 2024 bring you all health and happiness.
Thank you all for making lifestyle and entertaining our elderly more fun and stress free.
My gratitude, without your resources and accessiblity to them in short period of time has made life easy.
Thanking you all.
Happy New year 2024.
Tara 20th Dec 2022 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator

End of Year Message 2023

Thank you so very much for 2022.
I do appreciate you all and the effort you put in creating the resources for us to be able to use.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Tara 25th Oct 2022 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator


Well done, I always check and refer and use Golden Carers Activities and Calendar.
It is so great to see this something different and new.
I am grateful to all your work it makes it easy on most of us who work in aged care.
Thank you.
Tara 30th Sep 2021 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator

I Love You in different languages

Dostat daram
Sani chok seviram
Armenian: Sirumem Kez

I love all your works at golden carers and grateful to make life easy for all of us activity officers and co-ordinators.