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Melissa 19th May 2020 Recreation Therapy


Hi Jean My name is Gina and I too understand that hour of sundown or restlessness. One of the interventions i like to provide at that time is called suds and tubs. I put together warm soaked towels in a couple of tubs with a gentle non irritating soap and and get assistance from the busy bee helper to fill my basins. A little water at time will do to soak the towels and giving them a little twist to achieve nice warm moistened towels. You can have the helpers pre fold the towels to be placed in the basin. Keeping in mind all sanitary protocols. Have some relaxing music on for listening enjoyment and then pick up the used towels safely. Offer a nice simple demonstration, assist those who need help with the sensory integrating and touching the warm cloth. Its just is a nice way to present hand washing before a meal.
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