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Kristy 18th Nov 2019 Activity Co-ordinator

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Hi Kathleen,

Sounds very similar to my situation as well. The only difference is that for many many years they only ever played bingo. I have gone from 4-5 residents to about 7-8 with all the new things that we are introducing. Last week we painted terracotta pots which we will be using for planting seeds in. I have done the balloon table and that is a big hit for our residents. I also have included bubbles in the activities. They can either blow them or pop them. we have great fun doing this one. Also try pet therapy. We have a pony coming in once a month and also a dog coming in weekly. They love that.
Kristy 2nd Oct 2019 Activity Co-ordinator

Balloon Games

Hi all, Im new to this and have just started (2 weeks ago) as an activity coordinator for a nursing home where my grandmother resides. Today we played the balloon game with fly swatters at a table and the residents were so happy. Giggles all around.
thanks for your suggestions i'm eager to read more.