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Natalie 17th Mar 2021 Leisure Services Coordinator

How to Use Conversation Cards to Connect Residents

these are great for socials. especially as we start group activities up again with residents having to stay 6 feet apart. You can call out some questions over the microphone and have residents raise their hands or give them the conversation cards and let them write down answers and then collect them and give out some of the answers. For instance for St Patty's Day I am having residents say their favorite color of the rainbow, name some thing green, and what they would do if they were as small as a Leprechaun.
Natalie 11th Dec 2020 Leisure Services Coordinator

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

I only do one week calendars. I download the whole month, and then in word I adjust the dates as needed in the top squares and use each square below for each activity that day. It works great. You can add and delete rows in word as well, so you can see more of the background on some days
Natalie 28th Apr 2020 Leisure Services Coordinator


Does anyone's facility have their own in house community TV channel? I am seeing so many online posts talking about how facilities are using the private tv channel for resident council, Bingo, church service, exercise, etc. If anyone's facility does, what company do you go through? How much does it cost?