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Soné 19th Jul 2021 Lifestyle Team Leader

Olympic Medals

Using gold chocolate coins us also very fun.
Soné 17th Dec 2020 Lifestyle Team Leader

Paper Gratitude Tree

These are great. We made one at the beginning of the year and it has grown since this photo was taken.
Soné 17th Dec 2020 Lifestyle Team Leader

Felt Christmas Ornaments

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Felt Christmas Ornaments
Soné 27th May 2020 Lifestyle Team Leader

Dog Bingo

Thanks for this. It will be perfect for a lady that loves dogs.
At the moment all our social interactions are one on one out in the community so i wanted to be able to participate in this game rather than just being the caller, so I put all the images into a random wheel. I hope that is ok?

Here is the link
Soné 22nd Apr 2020 Lifestyle Team Leader

19 Ways for Residents to Socialize in Isolation

Here is our current Group Art Project in progress. Each person is colouring in one or two tea cups, then I bring them back to stick on the background. _ Dani
Soné 29th Jan 2020 Lifestyle Team Leader

Active Monopoly

What a great way to modify the game to still incorporate everyone! We have not used ours since creating it so it might be time to have another game of Giant Monopoly!

-Danielle, Lifestyle Assistant