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Sally 17th Nov 2021 Marketing


Hi everyone! It's my first holiday season as an activity director.
I was wondering what everyone does for little Holiday gifts?
Looking for new ideas that are budget friendly for about 70+ residents.
Thank you!
Sally 12th Dec 2020 Marketing


Christmas Celebration ideas??? Although we cannot celebrate like the good old days, no eating, no entertainers, no singing, keep socially distant - what are you doing to keep Christmas spirit and the spirit of your seniors happy?

Sally 12th Mar 2020 Marketing


Wendy, those are great ideas about making cards to send loved ones! Remember this generation used to write letters - lets bring that back :)! Dropping off cards and/or stationary and mailing it for our residents is great idea and how about this..... we are sending emails to families to update them - how about we ask families to start mailing cards letters back - how great would that be.

I also like your idea about bingo through the intercom!

More ideas!!!!
Sally 11th Mar 2020 Marketing


Hello! So in light of the recent virus outbreak, we are taking extra precautions to keep our residents healthy. Unfortunately, one of the most important steps is to try to eliminate as much public gathering as possible, and this really affects activities. Let's brainstorm some ideas to keep things fun for the folks during this difficult time.
Some ideas we have: dropping off a care package with colored pencils, and coloring pages, word searches and puzzles and every day dropping off new sheets
Starting a pen-pal group - maybe giving each resident an anonymous resident to write a letter to?