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Debs 29th Nov 2019 Activity Coordinator

How to Improve the Dining Experience for Seniors

HI thanks for your comment regarding 'clothes protectors'; I had a discussion with my manager on this and we have switched to cotton napkins in a sunny yellow, which I then just tuck lightly into their clothing over their chest area. The home have got behind my mad scheme too, which is wonderful - it makes such a massive difference not just to the residents but also to the staff and visitors. The night staff now set the table for us coming in on Wednesday and one of our staff is a master napkin folder - we had 'yellow roses' to adorn their wine glasses! Now even the residents who said they didn't want anything to do with it are clamoring for a place at the table and we've only just completed week 3!! I have to keep a register in order to make it fair.
Love the tips on colour too...thank you for sharing. Onwards and upwards!
Debs 19th Nov 2019 Activity Coordinator

How to Improve the Dining Experience for Seniors

This is wonderful: I didn't know about the scents and stimulation it has on eating. I have just started 'Lunch Club' in my care setting - because I felt it was pretty awful the way things were done (all sitting around the room with their little tables, not talking).
I have a small group sit around a table which the wheelchairs can fit under, with a pretty table cloth and centre piece. Food is served from our trolley - each resident pre-orders and some residents have pureed food. Everyone has to wear a bib - I think I'll wear one next time to help normalise this. It's early days, but the 6 ladies that came enjoyed it and would be happy to come again. We only do this once a week...but if there is more demand, I'm hoping the carers will see the value and our manager, and help make this happen for different social groups more often. OR maybe once a week is this space!
Debs 23rd Oct 2019 Activity Coordinator

Secret Word Game - Bonfire Night

Thanks Carole - just the thing to keep them busy whilst I set up for the evening!!