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Brenda 29th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

We are connected Project

I plan on doing this at our Senior Center I ordered a giant size blank puzzle. We will mail out a piece to interested Seniors and they can paint and write a message on it. we have a new center which will be built and ready by Spring of 2021 we may frame this puzzle and hang it for a historic time for future generations to learn about this whole crazy time in our lives.
Brenda 29th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

Whose Turn is it to Wash the Dishes Game

Sounds like fun, looking for more zoom games. Does it matter what order each step of the game is? Can a 5 or 6 be thrown before the 1-2 or does it go in order from getting cuop, tissue and turning cup over?
Brenda 29th Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator

Create your own Word Search!

Love this create your own puzzle. I created one for our council on aging and will start playing before lunch on my new "Word Search Wednesdays". I have theme of my COA and words like volunteer, lunch, fitness, fun etc. I cannot wait to see how they love it!

Will these word searches always be available as I want to do monthly, otherwise I will need to create a bunch for the year!

Thanks, so happy I would this site
Brenda 26th Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator


I am updating our volunteer application form at work. Does anyone have any templates for checking references on our potential volunteers?
Brenda 14th Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator


Thank you! I will check out links they look great!
Brenda 12th Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator


Volunteer Appreciation Day Invitations

Hello - looking for some help with a appreciation day template. If anyone has a template I can use for invitations it would be very helpful.

Thank you!