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Marcia 5th Apr 2020 Activity Director


One game our residents like alot is Wheel of Fortune but we can't play it right now due to Coronavirus limitations. But here's how we played. I used a white board and I normally give them a topic such as flowers, Holidays, cars, Boooks of the Bible, people of the Bible, can be almost anything, local landmarks, etc. I draw blank lines on the board for the number of letters in ther word so say my word is Easter; I would draw 6 lines. Then they guess letters. If they guess a correct letter, I fill it in. If it's not there, like if they guess an L, I say No L...and we move on. As soon as someone can guess the correct word, I erase it and put another one up. Sometimes I mix it up a bit and will mix the letters up so they not only hvae to guess the word Easter but they have to put the letters in order first. So it would appear to them like this first TSEARE instead of EASTER. Just to add a little more thinking to it. They really enjoy this. I havent figured out how to do it during this isolation time cause it's definitely more fun to play with other people.
Marcia 9th Jan 2020 Activity Director


Thank you all for your help! Great ideas!
Marcia 1st Jan 2020 Activity Director


Hi! I want to make up an activity cart that can accomplish a couple of things. One is to always have something at the ready for as few or as many people who might want to do something other than what's scheduled and the other is to have things available on the cart to do with residents who don't often come out of their rooms to participate in group activities. Something that can be done one on one. does anyone have any input or suggestions on what I should include on the cart? Any help would be greatly appreciated!