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Patricia 12th Nov 2019 Caretaker


If you have a Dollar store near you... let your imagination run wild!!
Patricia 12th Nov 2019 Caretaker

Vocabulary Synonyms Quiz #2

Oh how I wish I had this available to me back in the ‘90’s when I was activity Director!! Now utilize for my mom and mom-in-law who have dementia. I plan on volunteering in activities once I retire next year!!! Thank you for all you do
Patricia 6th Nov 2019 Caretaker


Currently working on a button board: 10x10 hardboard. Traced different buttons. Using Velcro on the back of each button and another in the traced shape in the board. You can make these to accommodate simple, 1-1’s , or make much more challenging for someone able to do this independently. Acts similar to doing a puzzle but easier. Let your mind be creative with this one!! Once I get this made I will post some pics