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Tenant Service Coordinator From New Jersey, United States

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Joy 10th Jan 2020 Tenant Service Coordinator


Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will definitely follow through with all your suggestions and update.
Joy 4th Jan 2020 Tenant Service Coordinator


I am so very glad that I found your website. Your range of activities are wonderful and so helpful to my programs. I am eternally grateful for your website. At some of my sites I have Spanish speaking, Russian and Korean residents. Would you have any activities or suggestions for them. These residents have some limited knowledge of English and I would like to continue to promote their understanding of the English Language. Any input you could provide would be most helpful...
Joy 3rd Dec 2019 Tenant Service Coordinator

Who Am I? December Birthdays

The Who Am I birthdays are a hit with my groups. They love guessing who the persons are and the information provided on them.