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Kristy 7th Aug 2021 Support Worker


Hi everyone,

I work in a hospital setting and am trying to put together a memory support trolley for when we have patients through with dementia. The problem is that whatever is on the trolley, needs to be able to be wiped down or washed for infection control, which limits me a little. Does anyone have any simple ideas? Thanks in advance!
Kristy 7th Mar 2021 Support Worker


Thank you soooooo much Golden Carers!!!! You have made life so much easier for those of us who are creative, but not great at the graphic art, designing newsletters calendars etc. I love just being able to download and fill in my information. I so appreciate everything you offer!!! :-)
Kristy 11th Jun 2020 Support Worker


Try googling "paper plate flowers". I made this with the a client the other day and she really enjoyed it. We used oil pastels to colour in paper plates and then "smudged" the colours with baby oil. They were quite simple and very pretty.
Kristy 8th Feb 2020 Support Worker


Hi, I'm looking at offering an in home diversional therapy service. This will be one on one activities. I will need to keep the appropriate records and documentation, but wondering if an activity analysis would need to be done on EVERY single activity? If I have many clients and try different activities with each one each week that would amount to a lot of extra work. Thanks in advance!
Kristy 6th Nov 2019 Support Worker


Hi Susan and thank you for taking the time to reply!

So I currently work as a support worker in community aged care in our regional town. My plan is to register with Mable who are an online platform where people looking for support workers/nurses/allied health can go. Mable organise insurance on our behalf.

Essentially, I suppose I will be a support worker offering activities. Rather than just going and providing say 2 hours respite... which is normally just sitting and chatting. I would bring things such as games, perhaps give a "manicure", make rum balls, do a craft with them etc. Whatever they are interested in. Although people could pay privately, I am probably looking more at those with Aged Care Packages to spend. I would be starting from scratch, but I am working in the industry in a smallish town where I know lots of people. Would love to be able offer something for those who prefer not to join group outings etc.
Kristy 3rd Nov 2019 Support Worker


Hi everyone!
I am brand new to this forum and website...what a fantastic thing it is!!! I am looking at starting my own business in community aged care offering "portable" activities and games to the elderly in the comfort of their own home. I would like to focus particularly on those in the early stages of dementia with cognitive activities. I was wondering if anyone has done this sort of thing at all? Looking for some help with a "personal details" type form to fill out when I first visit to get to know interests/hobbies etc. Any advice as to the type of questions that would be helpful? Any assistance would be appreciated thank you!!