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Evangeline 18th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator


Isolation Ideas!
This is a hard time for so many people! Lets come together and share our creative/simple/easy/interesting one on one ideas!

High needs, Low needs, Dementia specific, anything you have, lets hear it!

Sending you all love during this difficult time

Evangeline 26th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Armchair Travel to Italy

I love how comprehensive this is! Everything you need to carry out the event!
Evangeline 20th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


Thanks for all the great ideas Susan!

Do you have an recommendations when it comes to the actual set up of a room, eg wall hanging's, furniture and other items in the room?
Evangeline 19th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hello all - Room ideas!

I've started a new lifestyle coordinators role and would love some advice to setting up new activity rooms and spaces. We just finished renovations and currently have several spaces that aren't really being used to their full potential. They are set up as "living room" type spaces, but I feel that more can be done to make these rooms shine!

What would be your top tips and advice on setting up new spaces or utilizing lounge and activity spaces effectively for your home?