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Diane 22nd Aug 2023 Activity Therapist


Hi Kate like yourself I work in homes in Scotland and I know how hard it is to get staff to engage,why not try and give the staff a project to be involved in along with the residents, we at the moment are doing a virtual cruise in our gardens our staff and residents chose their country and are planting flowers and designing the garden to go with the country, it's a competition which the staff are really getting into and have came up with some great ideas there now starting to think about xmas,good luck. Diane xx
Diane 29th Jul 2022 Activity Therapist


Hi there you could try a sensory bag placing various types of materials,ie wool,felt, etc residents can try and guess what the items are , food tasting activity and smells of old perfumes , soaps,aftershave etc that brings back memories.i hope this inspires you and helps. Diane xx
Diane 4th Mar 2022 Activity Therapist


Hi Marisa royal British legion are encouraging nursing homes to plant a tree for jubilee, also hold a garden party reminicse about past jubilee celebrations also a music concert,hope this helps.
Diane 19th Feb 2022 Activity Therapist


Thank you for great ideas and support,anybody have suggestions for toppings or fillings for pancake Tuesday planning a coffee morning for one or the homes I work in.
Diane 11th Jun 2021 Activity Therapist

Snakes & Ladders Game

Thanks Carman great idea ,I'll be able to laminate them for each resident in the homes,let you know how they enjoy this activity.
Diane 25th Nov 2020 Activity Therapist


Hi all we are the same,just been informed no decorations or trees allowed in the homes. If anyone has any alternative ideas to what we can do instead ,was thinking of my residents colouring xmas themed pictures and laminating them so at least there is something in the home that is festive, both staff and residents need cheering up. Stay safe look forward to hearing your ideas.
Diane 25th Nov 2020 Activity Therapist


Hi all I tend to do theme style prize bingo with xmas approaching prizes would all relate to xmas time ,same for Easter etc which the residents enjoy.
Diane 28th Jul 2020 Activity Therapist

Gratitude Day Wreath

Think this is a great idea especially at this time going to try out with my homes.