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Student From England, United Kingdom

About Amy: Having recently completed my degree in Psychology (Counselling) and training as a student Mental Health Nurse I am studying my MSc in Health Psychology. I have experience supporting and delivering professional psychological and physical care to people within a range of mental health settings. I am committed to evidence based practice and scientific research supporting interventions which can promote a person's well-being. I am motivated in working with people who are experiencing mental health difficulties and have a strong desire to explore and pursue a career in Professional Psychology.

My additional work and study in movement-based practices has supported my studies further by encouraging an holistic and embodied perspective to how a person or an intervention is approached and delivered. I wish to explore these disciplines further and develop my knowledge and interests within these subjects. I am very interested in working with people’s stories and their here and now, particularly with people experiencing dementia. Whether the individual or friends and family.

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Amy 21st Feb 2020 Student


Hello Christine...I noticed that your post was from 2012, but wondered how you have got on?

Thank you

Amy 10th Jan 2020 Student


Hello Golden Carers Members!

I have just joined the website and am over the moon to have found you all!

I start my new position as an Activity Coordinator next week and the resources here will be ever so helpful!

Look forward to connecting with you all and will be very glad to hear your tips and advice!

With my kindest regards,