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Andy 19th Aug 2022 Activities Co Ordinator

Sunday Songs of Praise Playlist

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Sunday songs of praise..
Andy 19th Jul 2022 Activities Co Ordinator

Who Said It? Catchphrase Quiz

Really good
Andy 7th Feb 2021 Activities Co Ordinator


we have voice activated Alexa or echo dot something like that our residents use for audio books music and general use like quizzes facts, the time weather news etc. really good and not too expensive.

Andy 7th Feb 2021 Activities Co Ordinator


hi Kristy,
firstly welcome, i have been a activities co coordinator in the UK for nearly 2 years and how its changed in the last year with lock down. please dont be downhearted as we all have days sometimes weeks where we feel like packing it in cause you feel we are getting no where. i had a wobble myself last week as residents were frustrated as we are struggling to meet the needs of everyone on a daily basis and as much as it hurts to say that, its literally impossible as we have 80 residents. please deep down we all do our best, anything music related is always a winner. we use m4d dementia radio/BBC music memories among others which offer their own activity sheets. For our dementia a couple;e of our most popular activities are aqua paint, music, dice games, conversation starter games. For the residents who do not join as much we have the mechanical cats and dogs and dolls you can buy but that depends on budget. but i literally have a massive list of ideas and activities, so never feel alone and you can always ask me if you would wanna brainstorm. Guess the scent or tasting sessions go down well also. hope this brings some positiveness and things improve. never feel alone. its a hard job but rewarding and i am sure you doing a wonderful job.
Andy 7th Feb 2021 Activities Co Ordinator

25 Comedy, Skits, and other Funny Ideas for Entertaining

a fella goes to the doctor with a sausage in his ear egg running down his chin, bacon on his head and tomato sauce all over his tummy!!

the doctor says i can see the problem here, your not eating properly.

Andy 17th Jan 2021 Activities Co Ordinator


Hi to all, I have just joined here today.. I work as a activities coordinator with three colleagues in a care home with 80 residents. We try our best but can't get. To. Everybody all the time, who could suggest some good carer led activities?? Thanks
Andy 19th Jun 2020 Activities Co Ordinator

Words That Contain ANT Quiz