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Diane 17th Aug 2023 Facilitator


Thanks to Golder Carers I have a small problem....I need more storage space due to my growing inventory!!! You help to keep our program fresh and alive..Thank you.
Diane 29th Jun 2023 Facilitator

Short Story: Jenny the Horse

My file system is getting very overloaded thanks to your creative, numerous and fun ideas. It's a great problem to have. Thank you
Diane 4th Aug 2022 Facilitator


ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!! Keep up the great, creative, inspiring work
Diane 24th Feb 2021 Facilitator

Dog Bingo

Golden Carers has immensely added to our have enriched our program so much....keep up the good work
Diane 5th Jan 2021 Facilitator


Hi Karen,
Perhaps your parish priest can be of help. If he knows you well enough, perhaps he would allow you to bring the Eucharist to the Deacon and his wife. Worth a try