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Meaka 20th Mar 2020 Activity Cordinator


Hello! I work in assisted living community. We are doing games in our halls. Residents sit in thier doorway and do activities we such as:
* BINGO (using printable BINGO cards)
*Yahtzee (We purchased several sets of dice, so that each resident wanting to play has a set, and sanitize the dice after we finish playing on the hall has a set)
*Sing A Longs
*Bible Study
I plan on trying exercises this way tomorrow.

I also printed several games and activities such as:
crosswords, word search, Sudoku, coloring pages, I spy
We are having contests for each game with prizes.
You can also order crafts that come in individual packets to hand out.
I am teaching residents individually to set up and use any form of social media that enables them to keep in contact with family and friends.
Also our library is a great source. Not only can you rent books but also movies and cds at no charge!
Since our residents usually get out twice a week to shop but are unable to at this time I am also getting lists and shopping for the items they need to help keep them happy. Hope I helped and good luck to everyone during this time.