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Sandra 12th Jan 2021 Retired

Coloring for Seniors - Seagull Sunset

I cannot wait to get started on some of your lovely projects. Unfortunately of lounge and dining room is under renovation plus a new kitchen, frail & mid care rooms. Never the less I have been gathering all your activities etc. From this month I have included some of these in our monthly newsletter. I am hoping that it will inspire residents to be more active.
We did have a lovely Carols Evening just before Christmas. Amazing enough there were residents there that never attend anything. With Covid-19 being so much part of our daily life it is no wonder most feel down. I am planning to change that but it cannot be done all in one go. A little at a time. Keep the info flowing and a big thank you for all the wonderful idea.
South Africa
Sandra 8th May 2020 Retired

15 Ways To Encourage Residents Who Are Lonely or Sad

This is just a fabulous site. So many ideas and things to do. Our recreation area is under construction at present but I cannot wait till it is finished so that I can introduce all these wonderful activities.
Well done. This is so needed in out senior community.