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VC From England, United Kingdom

About Gemma : I have worked as a Volunteer Coordinator for seven years at Beechwood. I have great community support and have built lasting relationships with different sectors. Our service users are the most important part of my role. They have many health challenges. It is very rewarding to see what are volunteers have done over the years to support them.

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Gemma 26th Nov 2020 VC


So inspirational ,have the best Christmas ever ...
Gemma 6th Oct 2020 VC

Self-Care Tips for Activity Professionals

Thank you for this...Like so many others I feel exhausted, and am now getting ready for the winter onslaught....residents not been able to see families at this time adds an extra burden to our day. That's why this site is so important to provide stimulation and interesting and fun activities..
Very much appreciated.
Gemma 1st Sep 2020 VC

Italy Fact File

I feel I need to comment further...this site is helping me support our residents through a difficult period in time. We cannot at this time have family or friends visiting and all volunteers or on hold until further notice.
The site provides me with the much needed support in so many brings smiles to the faces of our residents, and lots of interaction which adds to the variety of activity . We have very great nursing needs here..I welcome all the support I can get.. We really do appreciate it..
Gemma 18th Aug 2020 VC

Italy Fact File

So much information on Italy...Really helps me put together a great Italy Day!!!!