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Anne 19th May 2020 Arts

Fashion Show

I am working on a playwriting project in development around the impact sewing machines and mix masters had on lives.
Stories of special garments , their impact socially with work or as a comfort, expression of creativity , an escape or simply necessity. Sewing and cooking marked special events across culture and generations.
What younger generations see as vintage wear and appreciate were often milestones in someone’s life story, baby clothes etc that were kept and treasured , wedding gowns etc.
Stories of all types are needed - stories associated with romance, loss , hardship and career and funny stories too.
Common themes will be sewn together, mixed in with love and respect, all anonymous.
Any stories out there or anyone interested in collecting / recording them for me in a place or with individual clients.
Thank you

Anne 10th Apr 2020 Arts


Am looking for stories of Sunbeam mixmasters and Singer sewing machines - how your clients recall them - how they were used - what was made , why , links to family and personal memories in lives.