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Beverly 12th May 2022 Therapeutic Recreationist


Hi there
I had the privilege of working with some visually impaired and hearing impaired at an adult day program. The clients are your greatest resource.I would test things and trial and ask for feedback and tweak the program for the next time. Listening to sounds of the season ,music ,animal sounds worked well ,scent related activities , touching tactile pluse for hearing impaired visual with text . If we were running a quiz game I would put buzzers in front of them to buzz in with the answer so much fun! Screaming with laughter. Great fun and good luck! Bev Latour
Beverly 23rd Feb 2021 Therapeutic Recreationist


Hi there
Yes most certainly we would have some clients that would love to be a pen pal. Please reach out to Bev Latour co Sam Central Program Adult Day Program 10 Pearl Street North Unit A
Hamilton Ontario Canada L8R 2Y8. Thank you in advance to all that participate its a great way to keep CONNECTED in the world! My email is [email protected] . Our client age ranges from 22 to 104 and everyone in between.
Beverly 9th Jan 2021 Therapeutic Recreationist

Find The Hidden Objects - Car Yard

This is a great puzzle to do in particular for those that cannot read. Would you happen to have any more? Thanks so much for all the valuable puzzles they are a great tool!