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Christina 18th Dec 2020 Activity Director


Hey there!
I have the same situation...
Have been looking online & am not really finding anything but I have an idea!!
I'm going to have my friend make a simple 5 sided wood box-
& predrill large holes for nuts & bolts that will hold it together .
(open 1 side to maybe hold a plant or pencils)
He may not be able to make a box shape-
He may not be able to fit the nuts & bolts together.
But I think the materials will appeal to him, give him a sense of purpose, serve as a cognitive exercise & improve fine motor skills!!
Christina 13th May 2020 Activity Director

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows

I'm in U.S. (Oregon) & I would have called "sticky backed plastic", "clear contact paper"! It comes in rolls & our dollar store (Dollar Tree) carries it...