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Camelia 25th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator


Hi Coral! It's challenging, indeed. Just keep in mind you can't please everyone. You must try smaller groups for short time -30 minutes/activity and then change the group. The 1 to 1, for me, easier to do in the morning - take a walk around the home with a ball, a book with pictures, a memory box. Or, I'll do my walk after group sessions - I feel like I'm 'breathing' and relaxing a bit. Try music & gym - old songs, even nursery rhymes- they good for memories, pamper days - nails & light hands massage - open a conversation while pampering, you'll be amazed, it may turn into a group session - people start bringing back memories - also with pamper day you'll get to know the residents better and build a trusty relationship. Good luck Coral!
Camelia 19th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator


Hi kayla! I am a lifestyle coordinator in UK. Today, I'll try to make Christmas yarn balls. I've bought fairy lights and Led candles- both bargain deals on Amazon. I'm planning to display them on windows' edges. Are loads of videos on YouTube and they are very easy making. Also, paper stars decorations would be another easy activity without spending a big amount of money.
Camelia 12th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator

Beach Reminiscing

Hi everyone! In July or August we plan our 'Beach week', with different activities, daily. We start with postcards' day to offer everyone the possibility to write cards to friends and families. I created my own sensory box with sea shells and sand. Also a non expensive paddling pool helps. Imagine a pair of sunglasses, a hat, your feet in water, music, while enjoying ice cream . Thematic lunch in the garden is an easy & wonderful idea also. For us is a successful week with a variety of different activities for everyone to enjoy.