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Lisa 10th Mar 2021 Activity Director


Looking for ideas for Easter as a hand out the residents. We have to be very careful as a lot of diets are minced/pureed. Any ideas? I was thinking of an Egg with Tuck Shop Money inside? Any other ideas?
Lisa 9th Feb 2021 Activity Director

Valentine's Day Poster #2

Mine is getting cut off as well!
Lisa 30th Jul 2020 Activity Director


Hi, You guys have been so great with providing us with posters for all types of different Theme Days. Any chance you have any Summertime posters to share? Thanks
Lisa 24th Jun 2020 Activity Director


Is there any Canada Day posters to print off? Thanks
Lisa 3rd Jun 2020 Activity Director


Thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for.
Lisa 2nd Jun 2020 Activity Director


Looking for Father's Day Poster signs. Any suggestions? I loved the beautiful Mother's Day poster I had gotten on here, but could not find one for Fathers Day.
Lisa 30th Apr 2020 Activity Director


Hi Marie,

Your post was exactly what I am feeling today. It is a struggle to think of different and stimulating activities that you can only do 1:1. Unfortunately we have strict guidelines related to Covid 19 and we are not able to do any group activities. Door ways do not work for us because a lot of our residents are in semi-private rooms. What I am working on right now is doing themed days. Music Mondays ( going to try and have our performers send video clips of them singing to show on ipads), Trivia Tuesday ( use this wonderful site for different ideas of Trivia), Word Game Wednesday ( again using this site for ideas such as Hangman, tic tac toe) Tech Thursday ( ipad programs ), and Fitness Friday ( Exercise). I'd love to hear other ideas!