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Petrie 16th Dec 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

End of Year Message 2023

Thank you Golden Carers for many Activities ideas. May you all have a Happiest Merry Xmas and a Prosperous New Year. Thank you so much for the Christmas Carol lyrics.
Petrie 25th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

16 Ways to Encourage Negative or Pessimistic Residents to Attend Activities

I had one resident that refused to go for walks, he wont move from his chair to joint the others, and always have excuses. We would ask our male staff to ask him but he still refuse. He wont do anything, just watching TV. He will chat to others next to him, but he wont join in. Im still trying to find a way to 'lure' him away from the TV, so I can take him for a walk.