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Tammy 29th Sep 2020 Activity Director

How to Make Homeless Mats from Grocery Bags

We have been doing this project ever sense COVID hit. THis has actually given my residents a sense of purpose. We donate them to a Ministry call Meet ME at the Bridge fro the homeless. Now my residents aren't thinking about what they can't do, their thinking about how they can help others!
Tammy 14th Jul 2020 Activity Director

How to Support Residents in Lockdown

When residents are on lockdown how are all of you helping your residents cope with not being able to go out shopping?
Tammy 24th Jun 2020 Activity Director


We are going with a 4th of July Fair theme w/ some karaoke for entertainment. We to are still social distancing. Fair Foods with lots of funnel cake, corn dogs, cottoncandy, popcorn Turkey legs. PARTY PARTY!!!!!!
Tammy 19th May 2020 Activity Director

40 Gift Ideas for the Elderly

How come some of them I can't click on?