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Ranell 16th Mar 2021 Teacher

This Day in History for Seniors: May

I use This Day in History for my weekly World of Interest class with the seniors. I wold like to see less movie and song trivia and more historical and social trivia.
I love Golden Carers as a resource. You have so many interesting topics and ideas. My residents like the quizzes.
I am currently teaching via Zoom and it is challenging. It looks like I will not be back in person any time soon, either. Do you have any advice on how to engage a group which includes Memory Care virtually?
Thanks for all you do.
Ranell 20th Jan 2021 Teacher


Thanks, Susan. I will try that for my next class. They love to sing in person, so maybe that will keep them engaged.
Ranell 19th Jan 2021 Teacher


i love all of these ideas.
I teach a class for Memory Care called World of interest. I have in the past relied on being there to judge the mood of the room and change my focus by how the group is interacting. But now, with the Pandemic, my classes are taught through Zoom. So I am just another talking head on the television, even though I am interacting with the residents and calling them by name. I think that they do not have a concept for visual virtual communication, so everything I have tried has fallen flat. My favorite and most vocal residents have been moved to other communities. I am left with a group with mid to late stage dementia. I joke with fellow instructorst hat t the sign of a good class is that no one falls asleep... I just started the Spring term last week, and I am in big trouble. Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone had success with Zoom?