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SandrA 27th Aug 2020 Retired/carer

What Would You Do?

this really started a worthwhile conversation, morals are hard to cover. Icould do with more questions
SandrA 6th Aug 2020 Retired/carer

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Two years ago I made a fiddle muff for my husband who thought it was"a load of rubbish" now two years later he loves it, I think we just have to be aware of the progression of the illness. I LOVE THIS SITE. We do a quick activity every day and a big activity, about an hour, once or twice a week. There are so many ideas no-one needs to be stuck even with little or no money Thank-you so very much. Not all work but no reason to give up.
SandrA 15th Jul 2020 Retired/carer

Circus Theme Party

we found fishing game good without the blindfold. the blind fold feaked my husband
SandrA 7th Jul 2020 Retired/carer

Beach Reminiscing

We did the seaside activity yesterday it worked really well. We had mocktails and because it was all pretend even my husband who shudders at anything new was willing to try it. Thank-you so much for this brilliant website. We try to do something every day, the volcano of bicarb and vinegar didn't work for us my husband thought it was going to explode and no ammount of reassurance could help, because he has dementia, once he gets a thought in his head you cannot shift it.
SandrA 1st Jul 2020 Retired/carer

Scavenger Collages

We did the scavenger picture yesterday it worked really well. I collected all the junk drew the template and left Hubble to it. When he was satisfied I took a photo tipped all the junk off and then I recreated it using glue ,my husband Hates getting messy