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Cathy 29th May 2020 Center Manager


I know centers that do show current movies (as in renting from Redbox). I don't know if they have any kind of a license or not. My own thinking is that I don't show a movie that the seniors would "pay" to see in the community, only older movies that are not currently being shown so therefore not available for a fee. I know showing them these older movies at the center would not cut down on revenue like showing currently released movies would. Hope this helps! And, again, just my thinking.
Cathy 27th May 2020 Center Manager


Most of the senior centers I am in contact with do show movies on dvd to members, as we do. We do not charge a fee EVER to see these movies and they are almost 100% older movies that have been out for a long time. I tend to think (and this is just my rationale) that most of the movies we show are available on YouTube, so what is the difference? Having said that, when we reopen we will be starting a new exercise series that is on dvd. I did ask permission from the publishers to do this and they were happy to grant permission. Another series I looked into required licensing and the licensing fee was out of our price range. I was delighted to find a series I loved for a fraction of the price and can use it without concern about licensing.