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Dawn 29th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator


HI Solange and Susan,
Thank you for the link. We have plenty of art activities. We are looking for activities we can do as a group but they have to stay at their seats. We can't do corn too, bowling, darts, etc. that require them sharing the items used for the game. We are excited to be returning but it's definitely going to be different.
Dawn 29th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator


Hi Susan,

We have a lot of art ideas. We are looking for anything that we can do as a group but they have to do it individually at their table. We can't play bowling, corn toss, darts or anything that they have to share the items. I have tried looking things up but it's been difficult finding things.
Dawn 27th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator


Hi Everyone,

We are finally going to be opening our center back up on Monday after being closed for 14 months. I am looking for ideas for contactless activities that we can do with our participants. They will each be having individual zip lock bags with their own crayons, bingo chips and so forth that can be easily cleaned at the end of the day. Any ideas will be helpful. Thank you in advance.
Dawn 26th Mar 2021 Activities Coordinator

Lucky Dog Card Game

Our Lucky Dog that we play is 6 index like cards numbered 1-6, stacked in a pile . They can put them in any order they want. Then they roll the dice and it has to land on the number of their top card. Once it rolls on the number of their top card, they turn that card over and they get to roll again. Its a lot of fun when we have about 10 of them doing it. They really like it.
Dawn 22nd Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator

Dream Weaving

That is such a great idea. And I would love to do this for our participants, but unfortunately we are a Non-profit organization and it would be very difficult to be able to do things like that individually with 32 participants. Also a suggestion which im not sure if anyone else does this, but every year we host a different themed Prom for them. We have food, dancing, raffles, and Prom King and Queen. All of their families are invites and they have such a good time and seeing them all Dressed up.
Dawn 15th Oct 2020 Activities Coordinator

Balloon Games

We do something like this called Noodle ball. We take pool noodles and cut them in half to use to hit the balloons. Our participants love this game.
Dawn 5th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator


One of our participants is blind and is in a wheelchair bound. I am sending activities to some of our families to do due to us being closed since March from COVID. But I am looking for some activities that I can send home to him. Any ideas?
Dawn 22nd Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August 2024

I love the newsletter ideas but do you have a shorter version of basic things like for general updates and for birthdays.
Dawn 16th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

Balloon Games

We do something similar to this but we use pool noodles and cut them in half. they really enjoy it when we do it.
Dawn 16th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

Armchair Travel to France

Our center has been closed since March. This site has allowed me to send home activity packets for our participants every week to help keep their minds engaged. I always get positive feedback from the families. We even have one client that calls it his "Homework" and looks forward to them every Monday. Plus I am able to create a calendar with fresh new ideas for when we are able to open back up. Thank you.