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Melanie 15th Oct 2021


Hi there,
I was thinking about doing an activity for the care givers in the facility I work at. They work very hard and want to do something to show how much we appreciate them. Was thinking of doing a craft project called staff and craft. Any good fall ideas to do a project with?
Melanie 12th Oct 2021

8 Tips for a More Productive Work Schedule

I try to be a planner
Thanks so much
Melanie 11th Oct 2021

8 Tips for a More Productive Work Schedule

What if it’s just me in the activity department. I am the only assistant there. I actually have a very hard time with organizing my tasks. I feel like my mind is everywhere and I can’t get everything done. I also am supposed to do evening activities so feel like I have no time to do anything
This was helpful!
Melanie 22nd Apr 2021

Painted Tulip Garden

Wonderful idea!!
Would you be able to send a picture of the finished product?
Melanie 21st Oct 2020


Good plan!!
The glue that I used, you can see in the inside of the bowl. Any advice on how to not see the dried glue?
Melanie 19th Oct 2020


Hi everyone,

This week I wanted to make leaf bowls with my residents. I saw the idea on Pinterest and it seemed straight forward.
All I needed was glue, balloons, brushes, leaves, and a bowl to hold the balloon in. I tried doing this but didn’t have a bowl. Regardless, the leaves just didn’t stick well. There is also clear midge pudge shown in inside of bowl. Any tips how do this correctly with it working?
Here is link
Melanie 6th Oct 2020


Hello all,
I am a Program Servive Assistant at a Memory Care Facility. I find that the residents do much better when reading something, they also have the material. Would you recommend giving them a binder or folder for all the papers that are handed out? For travel activities,some residents have a travel binder with each country in its own section. I think this also helps with memory care to help them feel organized. Any tips on how to keep the different activity papers we hand out more organized if they ecide to keep them?

Thank you!