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Activities Co-ordinater From England, United Kingdom

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Janice 1st Jan 2024 Activities Co-ordinater

Winter Word Scramble

Happy New Year.
Our residents absolutely love these word scrambles, can’t have enough of them, thank you
Janice 12th Apr 2022 Activities Co-ordinater

Guess the Bird Quiz

Visual quizzes are very popular with our residents, many thanks.
Janice 22nd Dec 2021 Activities Co-ordinater

Christmas Carols Booklet for Senior Care - 22 Carols 8 Hymns

Thank you so much for the Christmas carol booklet. A lovely choice and has saved me so much time.
Janice 9th Mar 2021 Activities Co-ordinater

St. Patrick's Pot of Gold Poster

I find it’s St. Patrick’s day tomorrow! Once again thanks to the Golden carers l am able to find resources quickly. Many thanks.
Janice 18th Jan 2021 Activities Co-ordinater

Name The Flowers Quiz #2

Name the flowers visuals are brilliant for all residents. They are a bright and cheerful activity especially during the present difficult time. This activity is a great group conversation stimulator.
Janice 14th Jan 2021 Activities Co-ordinater

Snowstorm Word Finder

As always, great resources. Having 2 levels is extremely helpful, thank you.
Janice 25th Jun 2020 Activities Co-ordinater

Religious Symbols: An Introduction to Popular Religions of the World

Excellent information, thank you. We have a Quaker in residence so would be great to include Quakers symbols/information.