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About Saba: Activity Manager on the Caribbean island of Saba

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Hanneke 9th Mar 2022 Manager Services


Thank you Susan that is a great start. I love the online courses that are available there. Especially the understanding dementia online course appeals to me.

Next to these online options I will also continue looking for a face-to-face training option. If anybody has any suggestions or recommendations for that please reach out to me.
Hanneke 8th Mar 2022 Manager Services


Good day all, I am looking for education for activity officers. Where I live there aren't any schooling options in this field so I am looking to offer my staff additional training to expand their knowledge. Everything they are doing now comes from good intentions and practice, which is going well. All our clients are happy with them however I would like to see more variety and structure in the programs. As well as expanding their knowledge to work with clients with e.g. Alzheimer's.

There are a lot of possibilities online but not all seem genuine or matching with my needs. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestion or recommendations for me. I am looking for an entry level education in English, especially for working in nursing homes with adult clients.

I would also be interested in direct contact with an educator from the field and discuss the possibilities of doing a custom made training either online or in person (or combination).

Hoping there is somebody out there who can help me.
Hanneke 8th Sep 2021 Manager Services

15 Tips for an Active Resident Council

I love this, thank you for sharing it.
I will share it with our Client Council as well as the article on how to run a successful meeting and the template of the minutes.
Hanneke 16th Feb 2021 Manager Services

Newsletter Template - March 2024

The monthly newsletters at my place of work have been a great success. Wouldn't have been able to do this without your templates! Thank you so very much!
Hanneke 22nd Oct 2020 Manager Services

Newsletter Template - November 2023

Thank you very much Talita! Really appreciate it
Hanneke 16th Oct 2020 Manager Services

Newsletter Template - November 2023

Is there a way to change the calendar back to start at the beginning of the week, Monday? It now breaks up the weekend which is strange. We would like to continue with the consistency that was in place already.
Hanneke 5th Aug 2020 Manager Services

Newsletter Template - August 2024

I have said it before but I have to say it again: I LOVE THIS!
We just released our first ever newsletter and this template made it so much easier and saved us so much time, thank you.
I would love to see the newsletters that were created with this template to share ideas with each other. Our newsletter is attached
Hanneke 28th Jul 2020 Manager Services


Hi Oliver, just wanted to let you know that I love the 'check list' idea. That way he feels he has a purpose and he recognizes elements from the past. Very nice.
Would a 'work station' be a possibility? A place where he can go to to do several of the checklist items in one spot. A sensory board that suits his wishes. I will attach a picture of an example I found on google. Perhaps that will keep the gentleman entertained and engaged for a longer period of time.
Last year I visited a nursing home nearby and they had a device called the Omi Vista, a digital sensory table. That looked great and could possible help you as well.
Hanneke 25th Jul 2020 Manager Services

Newsletter Template - August 2024

This is wonderful thank you!!! This helped me so much setting up our own Newsletter. Very easy to customize and add on to, thank you so much! Looking forward to doing this every month.
Hanneke 25th Jul 2020 Manager Services

Suction Cup Bird & Humming Bird Feeders

I love this activity! Does anybody have any good recommendations when it comes to bird feeders?