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Sylvia 19th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator

Life Reflections Posters to Connect with New Arrivals

Thank you for getting back to me,your ideas and input is amazing I will certainly implement and incorporate this into life stories in my home.
Sylvia 12th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator


Do we have a form that we can find out our residents history ,what there hobbies are what they like Todo now
Sylvia 14th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator

40 Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Hello everyone I hope you are all well . Thank you for all your ideas it has been a godsend that's for sure, covid has been a night mare for activity coordinators Christmas is now looming and today has been great .
Do you have any ideas for making a DAY TO DAY Board ,

for example what day is it
what's the date
what time is it
what is the weather like
what day is it

It must be senior orientated mainly for our dementia floor.
Sylvia 9th Sep 2020 Activities Coordinator


Thank you it does I didn’t know about PVA and put over the actual painting I will have to try that .Thanks again
Sylvia 16th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator


I love art and crafts one of my favorites is painting but not sure if I have the right materials for the task for my residents ,would it be possible when crafts and art can you suggest what is needed for the activities please.