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Jannet 24th Sep 2020 Recreation


Social distance digging for candies. put loose chocolates ,candies in a bowl.
Blind fold residents and have them scoop up candies with a wooden spoon. make sure to give a time to stop scooping .Place scoop up candies aside with residents name . The person who get the most candies from the bucket while being blind folded win the candies. The rest of the candies will be shared among the resident. Make it fun by cheering on the residents .

What needed:
Bucket and wooden spoon
Timer/ stop watch
Blindfold and residents to participate
Jannet 24th Sep 2020 Recreation


Ever since I found this website ,I can't stop looking for what's coming next. Thanks to everyone for sharing your activity ideas.
Jannet 24th Sep 2020 Recreation


I made up a picture board in our activity room of residents. The board has a poster heading "Now and "Then". I asked family to bring photos of their loved ones when they were younger and with the approval of the family , I take recent pictures of residents . I then post pictures under each "now and Then" . People would have to guess which resident picture belong to whom. This get people guessing and conversation going. Have residents and staff try to match photos and guess .
Jannet 24th Sep 2020 Recreation


Hi Traci
I am not sure if you have Dollarama stores in your area. I found shadow box or picture frame that could be used as a shadow box. price starts at $2.50
Jannet 14th Aug 2020 Recreation

Old Wives Tales #1 - True or False?

I love the Golden Carers website. I find many different activities to do with my residents. The residents really enjoy the activities.
Thank you