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Amy 19th Nov 2020 Supportive Service Coordinator

Hand Massage & Nail Care

Great idea and strategies for a spa day. In my rural region of Pennsylvania, we are still under covid precautions due to high numbers, so this will wait until we have a vaccine. Currently, we are maintaining 6 feet distancing. And have no physical contact.

Spa days are a great idea.
I agree you need protocols for cleaning the tools after each us, the best practice is an individual nail care bag for each resident. But if you cant do that due to large numbers, we found having a checklist we sign after each group spa helps us maintain hygiene standards and avoid cross contamination.

I know at our building, we will be re-structuring and adding in hygiene precautions for activities, after covid is resolved. Its made us think through how we normally do activities. I am looking forward to when my community can have spa days again.
Amy 1st Sep 2020 Supportive Service Coordinator

Name The Hollywood Actors

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